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VIDAGOS:  TO SEE and TO GUIDE (videre and odigos in latin) embodies our mission to help guide you on your enterprise imaging journey.  Our vision is to enhance healthcare by creating an image-enabled unified health record.  

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Developing and implementing an enterprise imaging strategy brings value by creating an environment that improves patient and provider experience and enhances care while reducing the costs and complexity of your imaging environment.  At Vidagos we will help you develop and achieve this strategy for your organization.





Integrating the universal viewer with the electronic medical record delivers a single viewing experience for providers, eliminating the challenges presented by multiple, geographically disparate, siloed systems each with their own proprietary viewer. An EMR-centric workflow is maintained supporting provider efficiency.

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In a streamlined imaging ecosystem imaging archives are consolidated into a single vendor neutral archive.  This consolidation allows an organization to take advantage of economies of scale.  Storage costs can be reduced by 30%.  Maintenance, support and service costs can be reduced by 10-15%.

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Sharing images with patients enhances patient engagement, a key concern in a value-based organization.  86.7% of patients believe viewing their radiology images helps them better understand their medical condition and 63.8% believe the ability to view their images strengthens the doctor-patient relationship.

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